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Stolwijk & Van Onselen Consultancy

Risk analysis


The start of all security advice begins with a solid risk analysis.

Determine Goals


Which goal do we strive after? What has to be secured and against which hazards?

Security Advice


Security advice has to be functional, meet the buyer's expectations and above all provide duty of care to the end user.

SVOC is an independent security advisory consultancy firm for the high residential market, companies and (non) governmental organisations. We are specialised in physical protection of both private and industrial properties by solving security issues with a high to very high threat level. Our services are provided across the globe.

Specifications and Conditions

We will provide the specifications and conditions of the assignment to the suppliers.

Supplier's Selection


In conjunction with the client, we will assess the right suppliers for the assignment based on our knowledge and expertise.



We will provide guidance and advice during the implementation of the security task, from the drawing board to the end of delivery.

'All security advice needs tailoring whereby the desired outcome is key, not the product itself'.

'Physical protection has to be functional and should seamlessly align with the buyer's expectations'




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