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Please find below a number of case studies of projects we have been involved in. These are just a few examples of our projects. If you wish to receive more information or references please contact us.

Luxury Estates

Security measures in estates are focused around the safety of it's residents, who should be able to navigate without boundaries throughout the entire estate. To accomplish this, architectural as well as electronic security measures have to be incorporated in all facade and roof elements. They would need to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes additional security measures around the estate are necessary, but this is not always needed nor desired. In all circumstance, a potential intruder should be detected by one of the facade or roof elements and be stopped whilst still being outside. Detecting an intruder inside the estate should be out of the question.


With all residents, the feeling of unsafety starts with entering or leaving the residence. Due to the risk profile of the resident, it may be necessary to incorporate the security measures of the estate into a total package of measures. These do not only include security measures of the estate but also a wider spectrum of services, taking into account the private circumstances of all family members if desired 24 hours a day. If additional security measures to the estate are needed due to high risk exposure, besides physical security measures, additional measures can be offered in terms of a 'Family Security Programme', in which multiple specialised companies participate. 



SVOC has advised approximately 150 families around the globe on security measures for their estates. Whilst these measures are purely focused on living in a hassle free and safe environment, brokers also show their appreciation for our unique approach. 


If you have any inquiries please contact us today. 

Production Facilities and Logistic Centres

Theft by break-in of a production facility or logistic centre rarely occurs without information and/or cooperation from within the organisation. Theft by break-in can be prevented or seriously obstructed by following strict internal protocols. In many occasions internal protocols are not being followed and there is a heavy investment on physical security measures around the premises. However, the most effective solution against theft is to focus on the process instead of the premises, especially if Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) regulations come into play. To qualify for the AEO status the company has to fulfil a number of security criteria. 


SVOC has extensive experience in advising and supporting physical security measures for production facilities and logistic centres, including high risk locations like a money printing facility, logistic centres for high value computers and computer components and a production facility for anabolic steroids. 


If you have any inquiries please contact us today. 


Most of the art stolen from the museums are being stolen by their employees. This seems to be strengthened by press releases around major art theft by employees working for Dutch museums. The last couple of years there is also a trend of 'hit and run'. A prime example is the recent theft of rhino horns. For many years, the horns did not draw particular interest, but once the horn trade took off the museums where not prepared to secure their property. 'Hit and Run' is typical daytime theft but also occurs outside hours of operation.


Physical experience and museums do not seem to partner up. As it is mandatory, the necessary security measures are being taken, but often not in the way it should be done. The main reasons behind this is the lack of funds or lack of knowledge, including those of security advisors specialised in museums. SVOC has supported multiple museums with their physical security needs, which led to completely different ideas with regards to security concepts. The Museum Board of Directors often showed a high appreciation as the physical security remained completely in the background, whilst being able to function at crucial moments. 

If you have any inquiries please contact us today. 

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